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Here is a list of sites that everyone should avoid. We will update this page each time we find new anti-Iranian sites, or sites which spread lies and propoganda about Iran. We will post sites with a description of offenses or major distortions they portray. We will not just post any site which disagrees with our viewpoint, Iran's history is long, complex, and open to many interpretations. But we will put out sites that spread major slander.

Below I will list the name of the person, persons, or organizations. Click on the names to find more info on the reidiculous claims of each group.

Al-Ahwaz - An Arabist site that spreads lies about Iran and its historical lands

American Renaissance - A racist news page with plenty of insulting and inaccurate articles, including towards Iranian people

Arthur Kemp - Rampant nordicist who spreads lies about the Aryan identity to promote his racist philosophy

Oslonor - Spreads lies about Azeris and origin of Aryans

Pan-Turanism - A Propoganda developed in the hopes of fabricating an exaggerated Turkish history for political purposes.

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