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Arthur Kemp

Arthur Kemp is a nordicist (one who believes in the superiority of the nordic race). His statements are baseless and full of inaccuracies. Kemp's book, The March of the Titans, A History of the White Race is a fictionalized and personalized account of the spread of the white race. He claims that ancient Iranians were blonde nordics and are now an inferior mixed race. He also claims Southern Europe to have been blonde and now mixed. Basically all succesful societies, from Babylon to Persia, to Greece and Rome, were of nordic descent and are now bastardized peoples.

His main page where Kemp sells his lies. Do not believe his accounts, they are fictional. Kemp cannot prove most of his racist claims.

A very good site by a Portugese-descendant person who refutes many of Arthur's lies.

This page on Dienekes Anthropological site does a good job of revealing the faults in Kemp's claims. Bottom line, not much Arthur Kemp can be taken at face value.

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