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Al-Ahwaz is an Arab separatist site that is filled with filthy propaganda against Iranians. It states that Iranians have oppressed Arabs in the Khuzestan province of Iran and that Khuzestan is really an Arab land. This is the same ridiculous argument Saddam Hussein made when he invaded the land, for purely political reasons.

The claims on this site are ridiculous. Khuzestan is one of the oldest regions of IRAN. For at least 5000 years it was home to the civilization of Elam. Later during the Achaemenid dynasty it became an important center for the Persians. Indeed Kuroush was an overlord of the Khuzestan region before he was king of the entire Persian empire. He often took the title, "king of Anshan" (Anshan was a city in modern-day Khuzestan). It also houses the city of Shoosh (Susa) where Darayavaush built one of his palaces. It has no historical relation for Arabs, except in modern times as many have migrated here as refugees. Bottom line--Khuzestan is Iranian.

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