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Pan-Turanism (Pan-Turkism) is a propoganda claiming a Turanian superstate that extends from Siberia and Mongolia, through Central Asia, including Turkey and Azerbaijan, through to Hungry. The movement fabricates claims that many historical figures and societies were in fact Turkic. The movement also makes erroneous claims that Azeris are Turkic/Mongoloid. Azeris speak a Turkic language, however this does not make them genetically or historically Turkic. Through repeated Turkic incursions the language and some of the culture of the Azeris has changed. However Azeris can trace their direct descendance to the Aryan Medes, and are genetically close to most Iranians. Language in and of itself does not determine heritage. In the United States many African Americans, who trace their ancestors back to inhabitants of west Africa brought as slaves, speak English. Despite this it is clearly obvious that their ancestors are not in large part English. Likewise Azeris in Iran are of Iranic stock, not Turkic. The article below, by Dr. Kaveh Farrokh, goes through in detail the beginnings of Pan-Turanism and its short-comings.


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