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American Renaissance

American Renaissance is a typical "white" supremist group that posts articles with emotional flare, yet no basis in fact. Their ignorant ideas insult all people who are even the slightest off-white, including Iranians. They spread lies about the "nordic" Aryans and are a very unreliable site for information. Steer clear.

The homepage of this activist site.

A terribly inaccurate article on Aryans. Uses obsolete Aryan Invasion Theory to prove "White" supremacy over other civilizations. Claims Romans and Vikings were "Aryans." Many inaccuracy in respect to analysis of Old-Iranians religion.

Yet another example of the lack of factual data for the their articles. Again misleading on Aryans. The author also claims that "Whites" have the most diversity and adaptablity of any race on the basis of the variety of physical structures and physical forms. While it is an interesting observation, one cannot make assumptions based on what they casually observe, science needs rigorous analysis. In other words you cant just say, I think "whites" have the most diversity because they look different. In fact if you analyze the world's races they are all very similar, but Negroids exhibit more variation than Caucasians (including Middle-easterners and Indians), Mongoloids, and Ameridians combined. Just read Spencer Wells, The Journey of Man an actual study of people, not just a mere matter of opinion.

A misleading articles that targets Iranians and tries to lump them in with other middle-easterners as a "dangerous" people. It calls for discrimination against this group and rants on about how awful it is that Iranians are considered "white" while being "non-white", "swarthy" middle easterners. the author is obviously an idiot. The middle-east is a diverse region, and to stereotype the peoples that inhabit that region is very narrow-minded. I dont know the author's definition of "white" but Iranians are Caucasian as Cavalli-Sforza's diagram shows here. Another ignorant writer, ranting and raving for an emotional appeal.

With regards to the article above, this site is a very good, scientific analysis of genetic markers. The author states that five distinguished groups appear, Middle-Eastern and European both fit into Caucasian.

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