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One of the worst offenders is the so-called "Oslonor." He is not Iranian, nor has he visited Iran yet he makes ludicrous claims that the orginal Aryan Iranians were Nordics. He constantly uses misleading pictures to prove his point and continue his blatant racism. Oslonor believes that only 20% of Iranians are "white" and the rest are Azeris or bastardized Turks. He claims that Azeris are trying to take over Iran.

Azeris are Iranians too. They only share some Turkic culture, not genetics. Also it should be pointed out that over 98% of Iranians, Azeris included are genetically Caucasian or "white."

This is his main blog about Persians and Azeris. Here he claims that real Iranians are "blonde" Nordics and that the rest are Azeris.

This is a blatantly racist and insulting blog, claiming the Achaemenians were Turkicized barbarians who raided and killed people.

Another racist blog insulting Azeris.

Be warned Oslonor has plenty of other blogs and articles than those posted here. This is an article he has written in an otherwise respectable site. While he is right to claim the Islamic Republic commits atrocities, they are Islamists, not Azeris.

This is his forum. Fortunately it has not grown much.

Do not trust any sources which are associated with oslonor.

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