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Achaemenid Iran

A Family Tree of the Achaemenids
The Achaemenid kings in order of descent and links to articles on each.

Kuroush (Cyrus)
The Achaemenid Empire under its founder, the legendary Kuroush (Cyrus the Great)and his son Kambujihya (Cambyses)

Darayavuash (Darius)
The empire under the mighty Darayavaush (Darius)

Achaemenid Army
The Achaemenid military

Refuting Herodotus
A look into the fallacy and faults of Herodotus' accounts of history

The Greco-Persian Wars
An overview of the conflicts between Persia and Greece

The Empire and its People
A map of the Perisan empire showing its subjects. Warning! It is a big pic and may take a while to load.

Achaemenid Era
An overview of some of the cultural, Academic, and historical contributions of the Iranians during the Achaemenid Dynasty

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