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Iranian Peoples

The map shows Iranian populations across Asia. To the north and east are the Tajiks who reside as far east as western China; to the west the Kurds extend well into Anatolia. The map also includes Azerbaijani, Afshar, and Qashqai Turks. Although these groups speak a Turkic language, they are genetically and historically descendants of Iranid peoples. The Hazaras and the Chahar Aimak have been excluded on the map. Although they speak an Iranian language, they have significant Mongol admixture. In fact the Hazara are descendants of 1,000 soldiers of Genghis Khan according to legend (hence the name Hazara coming from the Persian "hezar," meaning 1,000).

Populations of significant Iranid groups

Populations statistics for various Iranian peoples.

Azeri: About 26 million worldwide. 16.5 million in Iran, 7.8 million in Azerbaijan, over 2 million in other nations.

Balochi: About 6 million worldwide. Mostly in Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Gilaki and Mazanderani: About 5.5 million worldwide. Most reside in Iran.

Kurds: Close to 28 million worldwide. 15 million in Turkey, 5 million in Iran, 5 million in Iraq, close to 2 million in syria, and many in other nations.

Pashtun: About 40 million worldwide. 28 million in Pakistan, 12 million in Afghanistan, and much smaller groups interspersed in other nations.

Persians: Over 40 million worldwide. Most reside in Iran. About 900,000 in the USA and 400,000 in the UAE.

Tajiks: Over 17 million worldwide. 8.4 million in Afghanistan, 4.5 million in Tajikistan, 1.7 million in Iran, 1.5 million in Uzbekistan, 1 million in Pakistan.

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